RD Sharma Class 8 Solution

RD Sharma is one of the renowned books for mathematics, which is followed by the students of all boards. RD Sharma covers questions of all kind, from the foundational questions to the advanced questions along with the intermediate level. Class 8 is the basic foundational class for the students and it is essential for them to have a good understanding of the concepts rather than memorizing them.

RD Sharma Class 8 Chapters

Chapter 1 Rational Numbers
Chapter 2 Powers
Chapter 3 Squares and Square Roots
Chapter 4 Cubes and Cube Roots
Chapter 5 Playing With Numbers
Chapter 6 Algebraic Expressions And Identities
Chapter 7 Factorization
Chapter 8 Division Of Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 9 Linear Equation In One Variable
Chapter 10 Direct And Inverse Variations
Chapter 11 Time And Work
Chapter 12 Percentage
Chapter 13 Profit Loss Discount And Value Added Tax
Chapter 14 Compound Interest
Chapter 15 Understanding Shapes Polygons
Chapter 16 Understanding Shapes Quadrilaterals
Chapter 17 Understanding Shapes Special Types Quadrilaterals
Chapter 18 Practical Geometry
Chapter 19 Visualising Shapes
Chapter 20 Area Of Trapezium And Polygon
Chapter 21 Mensuration II Volumes Surface Area Cuboid Cube
Chapter 22 Mensuration III Surface Area And Volume Of Right Circular Cylinder
Chapter 23 Data Handling I Classification And Tabulation Of Data
Chapter 24 Data Handling II Graphical Representation Of Data As Histograms
Chapter 25 Data Handling III Pictorial Representation Of Data As Pie Charts Or Circle Graphs
Chapter 26 Data Handling Iv Probability
Chapter 27 Introduction to Graphs

Maths can be a nightmare for many students. One of the major reason for this is due to the lack of understanding of the concepts. Students mug up maths formulas and many a time solutions as well and get the answers correct, but it can be a case that with a simple change in the numerical value of the questions, they aren’t able to get to the solution of the similar type. So, it is essentially required from the basic foundational class that students focus more on the understanding of the concepts and building up the basics rather than mugging things up. This can be easily achieved by referring to the world-class and renowned book, like RD Sharma. Referring to RD Sharma textbook has various benefits for the user, as it covers various types of questions, which students can get in their final examination. While solving questions from the RD Sharma textbook, students can come across difficult questions, thus we have provided the solution for all the questions from the RD Sharma textbook, which they can refer at any time, and get to know the various ways of solving a question.

Here are the benefits of referring the RD Sharma textbook for practice along with its solution-

  • RD Sharma covers different types of questions with a varying difficulty level. Practicing these questions will ensure that students have a good practice of all types of questions that can be framed in the examination. This ensures that they excel in their final examination for the subject of mathematics.
  • By referring to our solution, students can get to know various ways of solving questions. This ensures to improve their knowledge and their result in the examination.
  • In case of any doubts, students can easily refer to the solution made by our subject experts, so as to ease their studying without any interruption in between.

Thus it is essential for every student to refer to the RD Sharma solution for class 8 to build their basics as well as prepare themselves for the classes ahead.