RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Understanding Shapes Quadrilaterals

RD Sharma solutions for class 8 chapter 16 is given here to help students understand the concept of shapes. This chapter deals with the shape quadrilaterals and problems related to it. The solutions that are provided here has been developed by our experts with a focus to help students find simple ways to solve the questions in exams. Students will be able to improve their math knowledge with free solved exercises on quadrilaterals and its constructions and they will also have a good idea about important topics or problems in chapter 16. With our solutions, they can further prepare well and score better marks in exams by making of this solution. Students can access the RD Sharma solutions for class 8 chapter 16 for free and they can view them online on the website by clicking the links given below.

ClassClass 8
ChapterChapter 16
NameUnderstanding Shapes Quadrilaterals

RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 16

Check out the detailed RD Sharma solutions for class 8 chapter 16 – understanding shapes (quadrilaterals) below. The math exercise is given in the following table.

Exercise 16.1

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