RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions

RD Sharma for class 7 is essential for the students who are preparing for their final examination. Class 7 holds many important topics, which are further studied by the students in their higher standards. RD Sharma is one of the most renowned book, followed by the students of all boards, in Mathematics. It covers the basics to the advanced studies, where students can get to know about the various questions that can be framed in the final examination. Practicing the questions from the RD Sharma book is advantageous for the students as it gives them the brief description of the various questions from all the important topics.

RD Sharma Class 7 Chapters

Chapter 1 Integers
Chapter 2 Fractions
Chapter 3 Decimals
Chapter 4 Rational Numbers
Chapter 5 Operations on Rational Numbers
Chapter 6 Exponents
Chapter 7 Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 8 Linear Equations in One Variable
Chapter 9 Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 10 Unitary Method
Chapter 11 Percentage
Chapter 12 Profit and Loss
Chapter 13 Simple Interest
Chapter 14 Lines and Angles
Chapter 15 Properties of Triangles
Chapter 16 Congruence
Chapter 17 Constructions
Chapter 18 Symmetry
Chapter 19 Visualising Solid Shapes
Chapter 20 Mensuration I
Chapter 21 Mensuration II Area of Circle
Chapter 22 Data Handling I Collection Organisation Data
Chapter 23 Data Handling II Central Values
Chapter 24 Data Handling III Construction of Bar Graphs
Chapter 25 Data Handling IV Probability

Being the foundational class, it is essential for the students to have a good knowledge and understanding of the subject. It is mandatory for the students to practice all the questions from the RD Sharma textbook. To ease the practice for the students, we have provided below the Solutions for all the RD Sharma questions, so that in case of doubts or to refer difficult questions and understand the way of solving them. Our subject experts have provided various ways of solving questions for mathematics, as we can solve the questions in different ways. Here are the benefits of practicing the questions from the RD Sharma Book and referring to the solution while practicing-

  • One can easily get to know the various types of questions asked in the examination.
  • RD Sharma consists of the different level of questions ranging from the foundational type to the advanced question. This helps the user to practice all types of questions which can be helpful in their classes ahead.
  • These RD Sharma solutions are prepared by our subject experts, so students can get to know the new ways of solving these questions, and enhance their knowledge in mathematics.

All these benefits of practicing questions in mathematics from the RD Sharma textbook ensure that students enhance their reasoning skills and subject knowledge which overall helps them to excel in the examination.